03 Aug 2011

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I’ve been reading a lot on customer service lately, and how designers, marketers, and social media experts can use their skills to bridge the gap between their companies and their customers. Here are four posts I’ve written over the past few years on customer service (be it internal or external).

Get Personal With Your Customers

“Keep your customers engaged in your brand. Create a buzz and keep your customers talking about your brand. If treated properly, they’ll do a better job advertising your brand than any planned campaign.”

Tweets, Inc.

“If you’re going to invest time in getting your customer base to recognize your company’s presence on twitter- keep it up. Your customers will recognize your disinterest in maintaining you account more negatively than if you never made the commitment at all.”

Avoid In-House Burnout by Getting to Know Your Customers

“Get out of your cubicle and get to know your customers so you can see first hand how you fit into the bigger picture, and why in-house design is so valuable to a company.”

Customer Retention > Customer Acquisition

“Joseph Jaffe (of JaffeJuice.com) explains how through things like customer service, customer experience, dialogue, a proper listening/response strategy, brands can show that they care about their customers.”

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